Kate Hart is a Boston born actor who has now relocated to Los Angeles permanently and is still trying to figure out how to not be able to walk everywhere she needs to go. She graduated from Emerson College in 2014 with a BFA in Acting, where she honed her skills of scene study, movement, dance, voice, stage combat and how to make it through classes and rehearsals on only Dunkin Donuts coffee and a power bar. While at Emerson she was able to study under many great professors well respected in the industry, act in 7 major productions, lead an a cappella group and direct her first student made films.

Upon graduating, Kate packed up her car and road tripped out to Los Angeles, where she has become a Company Member at Archway Theater, started an adult a cappella group and directed her first professional production. She loves staying busy and always having a new project in the works as she finishes her current one, which is obvious in her insane back to back productions of Twelfth Night, Hamlet, and Oedipus/Antigone which took up her entire first 6 months in Los Angeles.

She is passionate about wrestling her puppy, going on long runs and ending days with a glass of wine and her most reliable relationship, Netflix. She always has her trusty planner nearby as well as a Walking Dead notebook where she keeps all her ideas and notes as she walks around. She has, of course, become vegan to fit in with the rest of Los Angeles. The best advice she ever received came from a professor at Emerson, "find your tribe. make passionate art" And she strives to do just that.